Year 4

Welcome to Year 4.

Year 4 is one class staffed with Mrs Langford and Mrs Marley. You will find our learning environment on the south side of the school, overlooking the extensive school fields, which provide a wonderful natural space for core stories and creative activities in the summer.

Spring Term 

This term began with the exciting topic ‘Terrific Tudors’ where the children were able to delve into this period of time to find out how they have made changes to our lives and what they did for us, as well as becoming historical detectives to find out about artefacts.  We found out about many of the key Kings and Queens, particularly Henry VIII, and his numerous wives!  The children most enjoyed finding out about the gruesome sailors and the acts they carried out.  They particularly enjoyed the lesson where we turned the classroom into a Tudor ship and became sailors.  I think the child who was the captain enjoyed handing out the punishments!

We enjoyed our trip to Gainsborough Old Hall where we were able to use explore artefacts from the Tudor period and everyday life; dress up as characters from Tudor times and take part in a lifelike Tudor banquet.

In Spring 2, we studied the ‘Secrets of the Sea’ and focused on geographical enquiry skills in looking at costal erosion and what causes it.  We have also carried out a comparative local study between Doncaster and Hull and looked at the whaling trade associated with Hull’s past.


Both topics this half term have encouraged us to develop our writing styles to write different genres for different audiences and purposes.  These include:

  • Poems
  • Short stories
  • Setting/character descriptions
  • Diary
  • Newspaper Reports
  • Explanations
  • Persuasive posters


The school’s maths scheme(Abacus) is enjoyed by pupils in year 4.  We enjoy meeting the different characters (Frog and Cheeky Chimp) who help us to be successful in using different methods to solve arithmetic sums and worded problems. 

Some of the areas of maths covered this term include:

  • Written methods of multiplication and division, including the short method
  • Written methods of addition and subtraction
  • Measures, including perimeter and time (24 hr clock)
  • Time, including 24hr clock
  • Problem solving


Our targets in maths are linked to arithmetic skills and developing accuracy.  Problem solving and reasoning and applying our learning in different situations.


This term our focus in RE has been thinking about goals and how to achieve them.  This was the focus of our collective worship where we enjoyed philosophising about purpose and what it means to set goals and aspire to achieve them.  We have explored parables, their meanings and what we can learn from them, as well as reflecting on the way we think about others and the way we behave towards them.


In Spring 2, our RE focus was looking at the Easter story and considering it in terms of forgiveness and betrayal.  Particularly considering the betrayal of Judas and what it really means to forgive. We considered how Christians do this in confession and absolution.

Coming up in Summer Term...

We are following more of a text based curriculum and will be looking at ‘The Spider and the Fly’ and ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’ linking in all of our English, Reading, SPaG, and Topic learning. Our first topic is ‘ Mythical, Magical Mammals’ where we will be refining our design and technology skills making moving monsters.  We are also very excited about our RE focus for this term where we will be learning about Christian, Jewish and Muslim symbols of religion and the belief that underlie them. We hope to bring this learning to life with visits to our church. 


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