Year 4

Welcome to Year 4.

Year 4 is one class staffed with Mr Hindle and Mrs Marley. You will find our learning environment on the south side of the school, overlooking the extensive school fields, which provide a wonderful natural space for core stories and creative activities in the summer.


Mr Hindle - I am over the moon to have joined the wonderful team at Travis St Lawrence and am equally to excited to be working with so many fantastic children. Having been involved in education for several years, I am now looking forward to where my new teaching role will take me. Away from school life, I love to spend time with my family, collecting records and going on camping holidays.

Autumn Term 

This term begins with the exciting topic 'Animals’ where the children will explore the animal kingdom mostly through English and science. As part of this topic we look specifically at our place in the animal kingdom, classifying animals and food webs. 

During the second half of Autumn term, Year 4 will be studying the topic of 'The Wonders of Water'. Throughout this topic we will look at the water cycle, environmental issues linked to water and rivers. We will also be producing lots of amazing art to display around the classroom. 


Both topics this half term will encourage us to develop our writing styles to write different genres for different audiences and purposes.  These include:

  • Poems
  • Short stories
  • Setting/character descriptions
  • Reports
  • Explanations
  • Persuasive posters


The school’s maths scheme(Abacus) is enjoyed by pupils in year 4.  We enjoy meeting the different characters (Frog and Cheeky Chimp) who help us to be successful in using different methods to solve arithmetic and worded problems. 

Some of the areas of maths we will cover this term include:

  • Place Value 
  • Written methods of multiplication and division, including the short method
  • Written methods of addition and subtraction
  • Measures, including perimeter and time (24 hr clock)
  • Time, including 24hr clock
  • Problem solving


Our targets in maths are linked to arithmetic skills and developing accuracy.  Problem solving and reasoning and applying our learning in different situations.


We start our year exploring the concept of Belonging to each other, how justice and injustice appears in our man-made world and how charity of all kinds helps to make our Earth a more peaceful and happy place to live together.


Heading towards the Christmas period, we study the beloved story of the birth of Christ but this time from the perspective of someone rather unexpected…leading us to realise how special we all really are.