Year 3/4

Welcome to a mix or marvels!


Year 3 and 4 children combine to make up our marvellous class, providing a host of new and exciting opportunities to share our growing talents, experiences and eagerness to learn.


Mrs Bramhill, our teacher, enjoys reading psychology and philosophy, and dedicates herself to inspiring confidence and igniting the love of learning within us. Long sunny walks in nature make her smile, as well as practicing Yoga and Meditation.


Mrs OShea is our vibrant, creative, Christmas-loving teaching assistant who works hard to support us throughout the week. She really enjoys dancing and being in the sun.

Spring Term 

Our topic this half term has been Victorians, a fascinating yet brutal era! By delving into the world of Dickens’ Oliver Twist, we have discovered what life was like for children during this period, particularly the poor. From chimney sweeps to miners, we realise just how trailing life was for those who were uneducated and living in the workhouses. An introduction to the British empire and the requirement of railways led us to explore the locomotive of the time and how the technology has improved and the impacts it has on our lives today.

Coming up... 

The next half term’s topic focuses on the continent of Africa. Exploring its landscape, climate and people, we will discover similarities and differences in the lives of our brothers and sisters. The story of Fly Eagle Fly will not only offer us a great opportunity to hone our writing skills but also serve as a great reminder of the fundamental importance of self-belief!


One main grammar focus this half term has been to develop our understanding of the function and use of conjunctions to develop ideas within and across sentences. In addition, we have written our stories based in a workhouse, focusing on structure and plot development, while using learning from the first term to enhance reading engagement. Next half term will continue to develop our understanding of story structure along with themes and character development.


Our active, hands-on, workshop-style maths lessons have promoted greater curiosity, resilience and perseverance across the year so far, and children are more confident in collaborative learning. Using manipulatives, pictures and joint thinking has definitely resulted in greater confidence and understanding of key concepts.

This half term has focused on the concept of multiplication and division in larger numbers, utilising learnt facts and generalisations to make calculations easier. Problem solving and reasoning continues to feature heavily in all lessons and children work at all stages to find their own way to approach and develop understanding.

We will also learn about:

  • Length, perimeter and area
  • Apply recent calculation skills
  • Fractions (and decimals for y4). The use of Cuisenaire rods (available online) will support the development of understanding this wonderful concept.

Home practise should involve keeping multiplication and division facts up to 12x12 alive in your child’s mind (x3, x4, x6, x8 presently)


Having studied the power of parables in teaching, testing and transforming beliefs, we move towards the Easter story and consider the concepts of  betrayal and forgiveness.