Year 3/4

Welcome to a mix of marvels!

We are a combination of Year 3 and Year 4 taught by both Mrs Bramhill (Year 4 and all in pm) and Miss Gibbins (Y3 am). The classes are supported by Mrs Oliver, Mrs Perry and Mrs True throughout the week.

Spring Term 

The spring term has been a success. We survived the Turbulent Tudor times (unlike poor Anne) and discovered new lands and spices. Our Tudor Box-theatres helped us to bring aspects of Tudor life alive and share some secret facts. For example: footballs were made out of pig bladders and human hair; and brides would not have enjoyed cutting and sharing a cake at her wedding…instead, little wheat cakes would have been crumbled and thrown over her head! (For good luck they said!) Our ‘rather chilly’ yet enjoyable trip to Gainsborough Old Hall helped us to imagine what one of Henry’s great feasts were really like and saw all of us dressed up. Happily, none of us had to be the servant that wiped Henry’s…well, you know what!

After defeating the Spanish Armada, with a little help from fire and wind, we decided to delve deep under the surface of the ocean to see what secrets awaited us there. Quizzical and ‘chunky’ questions found us exploring a whole host of our wonders. From how dolphins sleep without drowning, how coral grows and what makes the ocean salty, to which is the biggest ocean, what crazy critters live in them and why does salt make things float in water?

We’ve also had a whale of a time learning about whales through poetry, stories and information books that also have been helping us to realize how we humans impact positively, and sadly negatively, on the seas that we share with our animal friends. Our exploration of the Hull Maritime Museum allowed us to appreciate the true size of a whale and meet the wife of a whaler, who taught us about the life of a whaler; why whaling was such a big part of life in the past and how the industry ended – something all the children were happy about!


Both topics this term have enabled Year 3 and 4 to enjoy exploring several genres and writing styles. Greater understanding of how writing can impact on a reader has encouraged us to consider more carefully how we organize ideas and develop the images we create through word choice. The fact that ‘WORDS HAVE POWER’ has begun to ignite inspiration for developing these skills so that the voice of Y4 children can be heard in worldwide issues they have something to say about.


Our genres this term have included:

  • Newspapers
  • Playscripts
  • Diaries
  • Letters
  • Poetry
  • Creation of narratives based on inference


The Abacus programme used to support maths continues to be thoroughly enjoyed by the children, and the different characters Year 3 and 4 have met (including Frog and Cheeky Chimp) have been helping us to remember different methods to solve a range of problems in different contexts.


Several of the areas we have developed our skills in include:

  • Written methods
  • Measures
  • Fractions and decimals
  • Geometry


Targets in maths for next half term are linked to refining written methods for efficiency and accuracy; developing mental methods and number facts (including learning timestables) to support problem solving and ensuring we use logic and clear thinking when approaching problems.


This term we have enjoyed being challenged by the secret messages hidden within parables. We have explored the concepts of non-judgment and selfless giving, attachment, perceptions of good/bad, and how we are all precious being who we are and that continuous growth towards becoming the best versions of ourselves (not somebody else) is a vital and exciting part of life.

We have also explored the Easter Story, enjoying the ‘walkaround’ service, which has led us to consider the idea of Betrayal and Forgiveness. This will further explored next half term along with a new focus on Religious symbols in the Christian and other faiths.


Coming up in Summer Term...

The children have enjoyed the sense of mystery and secrets of the sea and as such, this will feed into our next topic: Monsters, mysteries and mythical mammals. Here we will explore the myths and legends of other cultures and creatures, Y4 will meet a rather naughty spider and will eradicate our fears of the Nightmare man, and we all might even uncover the world of The Spiderwick Chronicles, provided we don’t get stuck in any webs or lost foreign kingdoms! A multitude of exciting writing opportunities arise from this topic, encouraging children to develop and share their creative voice through written, theatrical and artistic communication.