Year 3/4

Welcome to a mix or marvels!


Year 3 and 4 children combine to make up our marvellous class, providing a host of new and exciting opportunities to share our growing talents, experiences and eagerness to learn.


Mrs Bramhill, our teacher, enjoys reading psychology and philosophy, and dedicates herself to inspiring confidence and igniting the love of learning within us. Long sunny walks in nature make her smile, as well as practicing Yoga and Meditation.


Mrs OShea is our vibrant, creative, Christmas-loving teaching assistant who works hard to support us throughout the week. She really enjoys dancing and being in the sun.

Autumn Term 

Our topics this term begin with a scientific and PSHCE based focus entitled ‘Me, Myself and I’ where we embark on a mission of self discovery from reflecting on who we choose to be mentally and emotionally and how this affects how we act and feel, to exploring ourselves as physical human beings, including conducting scientific experiments to answer ‘Where does my dinner go? What rots my teeth? How can I stay healthy? and How am I similar/different to other animals?’ A range of formal scientific texts are used to support this learning alongside factual texts with a twist – one in particular taking us on a Gruesome Guts Tour of our digestive system!

The next term’s topic focuses on the Wonders of Water and all it glories answering questions such as, ‘Why does it rain? What would we be without plants? How can we look after the seas? and Where did the dodo go?’. Children begin to understand the impact we have on Earth and recognise the consequences of choices alongside some geographical and biological features of our planet.


Both these topics offer us the opportunity to develop our writing skills for to main purposes: to entertain and engage and to inform. An array of genres makes exploring these writing skills fun for all and include:

  • poetry
  • letters
  • character and setting descriptions
  • non-chronological reports
  • explanations
  • narratives
  • recounts


With a wide display of skills and abilities across the age range, our maths lessons take on an active, hands-on, workshop-style approach, promoting curiosity, resilience and perseverance in a supportive and collaborative environment. Together we become masters of maths, using manipulatives, pictures and joint thinking in an effort to become independent and self-reliant learners.

In depth focus on Place value, Addition and Subtraction and Multiplication and Division at the start of the year develops fluency and confidence in these areas enabling children to apply knowledge in order to reason and problem solve effectively, and then build on this learning throughout other areas of mathematics throughout the rest of the year.

 Targets in maths thus far are to develop pattern spotting skills, use of logic and proof, and developing strategies to enhance understanding of multifaceted problems.


We start our year exploring the concept of Belonging to each other, how justice and injustice appears in our manmade world and how charity of all kinds helps to make our Earth a more peaceful and happy place to live together.


Heading towards the Christmas period, we study the beloved story of the birth of Christ but this time from the perspective of someone rather unexpected…leading us to realise how special we all really are.