At Travis St Lawrence we value the ideas and opinions of all staff. We also value the children’s opinions too. We recognise that some staff have specific skills and interests that we want to make the best use of. With this in mind we set up the Curriculum Development Teams.


There are presently nine curriculum teams. Most of the teams names are taken from the areas of learning that make up the EYFS curriculum. We have two teams to reflect the understanding of the world, one focuses on the development of science and technology and the other focuses on humanities. In addition we have a spiritual team to reflect the fact we are a Christian school.


The teams are made up of between 4 and 10 members of staff including teachers, support staff, site supervisors, lunchtime supervisors and usually a governor. In one team we have a parent who has a particular interest and knowledge about the subject, attending the meetings too. In the future we also plan to include up to two children on each team. The staff were initially asked about which team reflected their interest or qualification.


The teams meet once each half term for an hour. The agenda for the meeting is determined by the school development plan or an upcoming event. The teams are responsible for addressing issues they have identified as needing development or organising events with regards to their areas. The teams are encouraged to produce action plans to assist them in moving their particular subject area forward.