Over the last two and a half years, Travis St Lawrence have had their very own Eco-Crew. The 'crew' consists of a member from each class from Y2 upwards and we meet once per half term to discuss our action plan and ways of making the school more eco friendly. The Eco-Crew look at how to encourage people to walk or cycle to school, save resources such as water and electricity, create habitats for creatures and provide a litter-free environment. 

So far we have....

  • organised a bicycle sale
  • arranged cycling activities with our Sustrans Bike it Officer
  • built animal homes
  • installed battery recycling boxes
  • linked in with the Friends of Travis to recycle clothing
  • created whole school posters to encourage people to save water and electricity.
  • ACHIEVED Bronze and Silver Eco Schools Award. 


Have a look at what we are currently getting up to....