Who are we?

We are a group of budding journalists who enjoy researching and writing interesting stories. Every week, we meet to share news about what is happening in our school. Together, we create an article for the local newspaper- The Hatfield Arrow. Some of the articles we have created have included:

  • Sharing the success of our Gold Standard Garden.
  • Information about our Travis Treasury.
  • Sharing information about our Friends of Travis group and the events which they organise.
  • Fun facts about our decade dress up days.
  • Reflections on our school visits.

We have representatives from every year group, from Year 2 to Year 6.


What skills do we develop?

As part of our club, we have developed skills such as:

  • Interview techniques. In reporters club, we have interviewed grandparents about their support with World War II events, children and also school staff about their involvement in activities.
  • Report writing skills. Sometimes we all work on one report together which helps us to share best writing techniques and good use of our key language.
  • Communication skills. We have to be confident at communicating with each other to make sure that we are understood. We also need good listening skills so that our reports are accurate and factual.
  • Being responsible. We meet during lunchtimes so it is important that we are responsible for our own time management and ensure that we meet the deadlines.


Here are some examples of our reports. What do you think we need to report on next?