School Council

At Travis St Lawrence, we believe that all pupils should have the opportunities to share their ideas and opinions with respect to their life at school. We do this in a number of ways including the provision of School Council.


How it works

School councils operate at both Upper and Lower school, albeit slightly differently due to age related factors. It provides all children with the opportunity to have their voice heard, as well as supporting members’ communication, planning, organisation and citizenship skills.


An open, honest and supportive ethos is created throughout the school so that children feel comfortable in sharing ideas and confident that they will be listened to. Some strategies used include: sounding boards where children respond to Key Questions of the term; open kiosks where children can speak to councillors directly; suggestion boxes where people can submit written ideas and questions; and class council sessions where councillors and peers can discuss and feedback on current issues.


Key Questions are posted each month/half term for children to respond to. They may cover things such as, ‘What would you like to do to raise money for Red Nose Day?”’ or ‘How can we make maths lessons better at Travis?’ Children write down ideas, which are then discussed at school council, taken back to classes, voted upon/responded to and then actions to be taken are decided at the next School Council meeting.


Developing skills

School Council is currently led by the Year 4 teacher but children are quickly trained in order that they may take the lead with respect to arranging and chairing meetings, running assemblies, carrying out projects, presenting ideas and outcomes to the SLT and governors, all supporting them in becoming confident and active citizens that are able to improve aspects of school life and develop a fair and effective mindset towards democracy.


Recent achievements/foci

So far this year (2015) school council have arranged for the children’s preferred way to celebrate red nose day (Pyjama day), launched a Random Acts of Kindness week across the whole school, have made initial plans towards raising funds through book swap days and are now looking into ways to further improve the school grounds.