At Travis St Lawrence, we love to sing and we currently have three choirs that run throughout the year. Our main choir starts in year 3 and has been involved in performances in church, in the local senior centre, at Garden parties as well as everyday performances in school.  We practice weekly throughout the year and regularly perform pieces in two part harmony, we have been known to successfully perform in three parts too! 

We also take a group of older children (years 4 to 6) to the Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield every year to take part in Young Voices which is the largest school choir concert in the world, and has recently become international (although we have performed in Sheffield!); this year we are taking 28 children.  During the concert, there are around 10,000 children singing, again often in two parts!   The children are often apprehensive the first year but will keep coming back every year for more as it so much fun singing in such a big place and making such a huge noise!!

Our other choir is a new one, last year was our first time at the Primary Sing in Doncaster.  We took 12 year 2 and year 3 children to the Dome to sing with other schools in the area.  This year there will be more as they all came back and couldn’t stop singing the songs and were talking about for weeks!

We start singing in KS1 and learn how to sing while having fun as well as making a lovely sound.  Practicing for our festival services are often the children’s favourite time of year as there are so many favourites. 

Singing isn’t just confined to our worship times.