Golden Rules...

The Golden Rules have been devised by the children for the children and work on a reward basis. There are five rules to follow keeping it simple for children in Foundation Stage to count on one hand. 

The Golden Rules are displayed corporately in a prominent place in every classroom. The keeping of the golden rules is rewarded with golden tickets; this is then put into a Golden Box. Two tickets are drawn out of the box during our weekly Celebration Assembly every Friday. The children whose tickets are drawn out are allowed to choose a community job reward. Younger children in Foundation 1 choose time to play with especially reserved toys for that occasion.

Positive behaviour is rewarded with Golden Time. Should a child have difficulty keeping the golden rules they are prompted, after which they are given a warning. The child then has time to redeem them self by following the golden rules.  Should they repeat the unwanted behaviour, they lose some of their Golden Time. Towards the end of golden time, a short amount of time is given back to the child, allowing them to join the rest of their class reward. This ensures that all children experience the feeling of reward and what it is like to achieve positive behaviour success.

 The Golden Rules Positive Behaviour Programme is explained in more detail in the early Transition meetings for new parents.