Afterschool Club

We recognise the value of providing out of hours school learning as a building block for developing skills and good habits for independent learning. By attending clubs it can enhance their achievement by reinforcing knowledge and understanding, extending their experiences and further develop a wide variety of skills.

In line with the advice given by our governors, we aim to provide activities that are :-

 - varied both physically and non-physically

- delivered by qualified members of staff

- stimulating

- in line with the ethos of the school and follow the behaviour policies and practices of our school

 We aim to provide one physical and one non physical club each half term on both sites.   These are run by members of staff or experts from outside agencies. The clubs are either requested by children, follow the competition agenda, reflect skills that staff wish to share or, in the case of booster clubs, provide opportunities for children to have extra small group time on key areas of learning. The majority of clubs are open to either Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 children, with some clubs in the summer term open to reception children.

 Places for clubs are limited and these are usually allocated on a first come, first served basis.   Those children who do not get a place are put onto a reserve list and, in some cases, clubs are repeated the following half term to allow more children the opportunity to take part.

 In some cases, places are reserved for children for whom the club will help meet their individual needs. The Curriculum Access Co-ordinator works with the SEN Manager to identify these children.

 The cost of the club is determined by the outside agency or if it is a club run in school by school staff, the cost is determined by the resources required plus the fee for the member of staff where necessary. Clubs rarely run at a profit; therefore any additional money raised is put towards further equipment for the club or occasionally used to subsidise clubs that run at a loss. It is always our aim to ensure clubs do not run at a loss and if insufficient interest is shown in a club it is usually cancelled and parents are reimbursed.