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Year 5 visit to Murton Park: 


It has been a pleasure working with Travis' children for the day; they have been extremely well behaved and polite and most of all know how to have FUN!! Thank you Travis St Lawrence for a great Viking adventure. 


REF: Importance of Play course

Thank you so much for this opportunity Mrs Chevens. You have improved my knowledge which has had a huge, positive impact on the development of my child and you have taught me skills I can use in my personal life. 


I now know how my child is taught in school so I can continue this at home. This course has also supported our personal relationship. I would jump at the chance to this again!



I feel the course has helped me to be more aware of how I am supporting my child's learning, both in school associated activites and learning in general at home. 



Mrs Gibson, 

We write you this letter simply to say thank you to you and all the staff at the upper and lower sites for continuing to develop our children educationally and emotionally. From day one when our son strted we continue to be extremely thankful for the wonderful job that your teachers continue to do. We are especially appreciative of the wonderful Christian ethos which is at the heart of everything you do and this serves as such a solid foundation for all the children. 

After the last parents evening we went away feeling extremely proud of our children for the way they have developed and this is in no small part due to the sincere attitude of the teachers towards us and a genuine care for our children. Yes, as parents we play the biggest part in loving our children at home but it gives us great comfort to know that once our children leave home every day we know that they will recieve fantastic guidance from their teachers in all that the do, especially from an educational point of view. We realise that each child is different but its in that where teachers are challenged to treat each child as an individual and ensure the progress and flourish. 

As parents we have always felt very welcome and not once have we been turned away when we have had a query or just wanted a chat about something. It really has been an open-door policy and we are so thankful for that open communication that exists between parents and staff. 

It's not an easy job being a teacher but we have always felt that you staff really care about what they do and that shows in the continued development of our children. We cannot speak for anyone else but please know that we are extremely thankful for all that you and your staff do. 

(Letter from a parent)