Foundation 2

Hello and a warm and smiley welcome to Foundation Two. We are split into two classes Bluebell and Snowdrop class but we love to work together for lots of exciting activities. Miss Wilcock and Mrs Speight will help you in Bluebell class and Mrs Oxby and Mrs Chevens will help you in Snowdrop Class. We are a very friendly, happy and active team in Foundation Stage. Our favourite things to do are to be creative with lots of singing and art activities; we also like to help others and love to share our activities with others; we also love being outside for our learning. The children in Foundation stage love to extend their own learning. We encourage independence, thoughtfulness and kindness.

Spring Term 

The children have been working very hard and have made lots of progress.


In Spring 1 the children enjoyed our topic all about Superheroes and People who help us. We enjoyed lots of imaginary play in our fire station and Super hero den role plays. We learnt how to be superheroes and what makes us special. We designed our own superheroes, thinking about their homes, their vehicles and their magical powers. We then learnt about people how help us including the fire service, paramedics and the police. We were lucky enough to have a visit from a police officer and a paramedic. We had the chance to sit in an ambulance and a police van. The staff even made it onto the police twitter page as the children locked them in the police van. We ended our topic by dressing up as our favourite super hero or person who helped us. We were also able to try on an RAF uniform that a kind parent let us borrow.

Coming up in Summer Term...

In Spring 2 our topic was Disney. We looked at different Disney stories including, Lion King, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo and Inside out. We found out facts about sea creatures, explored our feelings using mood monsters and designed our own monsters. We enjoyed a performance of Pinocchio which the children thoroughly enjoyed.  We finished our topic by having a cinema afternoon with popcorn.


Next term we will be learning about Fairytales and Explorers.  The children are going to organize a Cinderella Ball. They will dress as their favourite fairytale character. Before this the children will make lists, Create royal names Invite their favourite celebrities, design the menu and help to make the food, write invitations and hold the party!


In Summer 2 we will be doing our Explorers topic. We will be learning about dinosaurs, mini beasts and Bears. We will be going on a bear hunt and searching for dinosaur remains.


The children love to use the interactive whiteboard to learn. Some of their favourite games are: 


Alpha blocks is a fun program that helps children with their phonics. This can be found on the cbeebies channel and on the cbeebies website.