Hello and a warm and smiley welcome to Foundation Stage, this year our children have the exciting opportunity to work across our unit. The children will have access to four learning environments set up to the children needs and interests. Working in rainbow class are Mrs Oxby and Mrs Fuller. Working in Bluebell class are Miss Wilcock, Mrs Chevens and Mrs Gilliland. We love to see all our children working together and learning from each other, our older children love to be our role models and teach our younger children about our Travis Golden Rules.

The children in Foundation Stage all enjoy learning together and we are a very friendly bunch. We have wonderful classroom areas full of continuous provision for us to use and you will always find us exploring new resources and doing our best in all the areas. There are lots of quiet and peaceful places for our children to have some quite time and reflect. Our outdoor classroom is always popular and is fantastic fun; come rain or shine you’ll find us learning outside learning more about our world.


We love to be creative with lots of singing and art, we love to help others and share. The children in Foundation Stage love to be independent and extend their own learning.


We love visitors and welcome you anytime, come and see your children at their best!

Spring Term 

The children have been working very hard and have made lots of progress. We have had so much fun with our practical learning and our rainbow challenges. The children are now really engaged in their own learning. 

The children are enjoying our topic all about Superheroes and People who help us. We are enjoying lots of imaginary play in our fire station and Super hero den role plays. We have been thinking about what makes us special.

We thought about who helps us in school and in our community. In math’s the nursery children have been learning to count and match numerals to quantity. The Foundation Two children have been learning all about addition and subtraction. We have also been looking at 3D shapes and what they look like and what they can do. During Literacy time the nursery children are developing their phonics all children are looking at letter shapes and learning about the sounds in words. We have been looking at people who help us and lots of facts about them. In Foundation Two the children have been learning all about becoming superheroes, they are all beginning to write simple captions. The children have enjoyed making wanted potters, writing descriptions and writing speech bubbles. The children have loved looking at the stories Supertato and Supertato Veggies Assemble.

The children have made the decision to continue to look at being super and exploring people who help us over the next half term. We hope to have visitors including a police officer and a paramedic and his ambulance. If you work as ‘people who help us’ in our community and would like to help with our topic, please feel free to contact use.

We continue to follow children’s interests so please let us know about any burning desires your children have

Useful Links

The children love to use the interactive whiteboard to learn. Some of their favourite games are:


Alpha blocks is a fun program that helps children with their phonics. This can be found on the cbeebies channel and on the cbeebies website.