Year 2

A warm welcome from our Year 2 team, Miss Trappitt, Miss Tembey, Miss Turner, Miss Gilberthorpe and Mrs Matthews. Miss Trappitt teaches in the classroom at the front of the school whereas Miss Tembey is in the classroom at the back of school. Separating our classes, we have a spacious shared area where Miss Gilberthorpe and Miss Turner work supporting with phonics, maths and reading interventions, using their love of art, the children will be encouraged to use their imagination in a creative way. We also have a quiet area where children can receive more focused learning and allowing children to develop their knowledge and understanding. Each classroom has a quiet area where they can enjoy books, and share them with other children in the class and space for a quiet time and reflection.

Miss Tembey - I have been teaching at Travis for almost 2 years, firstly in Year 3 and last year in Year 2 and I have loved every minute of it. I am looking forward to what this accademic year will bring! Outside of school I love spending time with my two children, exploring new places, reading and supporting my football team - Carlisle United!

Miss Trappitt - I’ve only just joined Travis this January, it has been a lovely start; colleagues, pupils and families have all welcomed me into the team. I am originally from Essex, however, I have been living and teaching in South Yorkshire for 10 years. I love living in South Yorkshire, the countryside is beautiful, and my family and I enjoy exploring different places in all types of weather. I love new experiences and challenges which reflect my belief in having a growth mindset approach to living and learning, at present I am learning to play the guitar.


Both topics this term have links to specific texts, but we develop our historical and geographical skills with both. The children will learn about a key historical events that have changed our ways in our own country and will look at how to take of themselves and other living creatures.


Other texts will be

  • Fictional stories
  • Prediction writing
  • Recount of visit
  • Factual writing


All children will work hard this term to become confident with addition and subtraction methods. As a school we continue to use the ABACUS scheme and the children clamber to move onto the Think questions. We will also be supplementing these with examples and challenges from the White Rose Hub.

Some areas we will be covering will be:

  • Applying methods to subtraction and addition
  • Developing mathematical vocabulary and using this confidently
  • Place value
  • Data collection
  • Multiplication facts of 2, 5 and 10


The children will be working hard to speedily recall their 2, 5, and 10 times tables and begin to learn to tell the time.


Our first RE topic was exploring the life of Joseph and the things that he went through. We talked about the feelings of Jealousy and feeling proud and linked this to our own feelings and accomplishments.

Our second topic is looking at the Jewish faith and exploring the plague’s that hit Egypt and the main events that are celebrated in the Jewish Faith.

Other Information:


Homework will be sent out every Monday and will be returned the following Monday. The children will be expected to complete either maths or English homework on a rotational basis. Maths homework will be sent in support of the maths lessons and cover the previous weeks learning. English homework will take a more creative approach and allow the children more freedom to explore lots of different areas of our topics we are learning.

Home reading:

Home reading is a priority in Year 2. Children will be expected to read at least 3 times a week to an adult, and recording it in their reading records. This will be checked weekly. We encourage the children to read a variety of books to ensure they keep that love for reading. We hope you will support in this. The children will be encouraged to change their own reading books and we encourage you to help support their independence in this.


PE days are Tuesday and Friday, but we ask that the children bring their PE kits in on Monday and take them home on Friday.