Year 2

A warm welcome from our year two team, Miss Broughton, Miss Tembey, Mrs Baker and Miss Gilberthorpe. Miss Broughton teaches in the classroom at the front of the school whereas Miss Tembey is in the classroom at the back of the school. Separating our classes, we have a spacious shared area where Mrs Bowater and Mrs Baker work supporting with phonics, maths and reading interventions and, using their love of art, the children will be encouraged to use their imagination in a creative way. We also have an interactive role play area, situated between both classes, creating opportunities for children to develop their speaking and listening skills.

Spring Term 

The start of this term, the children become historical detectives, delving into the facts and myths that surround The Great Fire of London. They explored how the emergency services have changed throughout history and learnt about key historical figures, such as Samuel Pepys. To conclude our topic, we visited The Emergency Services Museum in Sheffield where we had the opportunity to look around their vast collection of vehicles and also take part in a recreation of how they put out a fire in 1666. Through our Science work, we learnt about how materials change their shapes and the children experimented with their own goo (how messy!).

In the second half term, we moved onto the terrifying topic of dragons. Our first book captured the designer in us as we designed and created our own dragon machine. We knew that it would need a beginning, an undercarriage and a tail end! The children enjoyed creating dire warnings for anyone who is thinking of looking after a dragon and also a map for where to take them should they become too troublesome.

Our second book linked with the film, ‘Pete’s dragon’, where we experimented with new vocabulary and applied this to our extended noun phrases.

Which dragon do you prefer, George’s mischievous dragons or Pete’s large gentle dragon?


Both topics this term have been related to texts as mentioned above. However, we have also linked our work with more historical and scientific themes. The children enjoyed learning about what we need to survive and applied this to create a healthy food diary and fitness chart. Our term concluded with a visit from a touring theatre group who performed Pinocchio and had us all laughing our socks off!


Other examples of writing have been:

Fictional stories.

  • Letters from George’s family and from George.
  • Newspaper article about the visit to The Emergency Services Museum. Recount from the visits


All children have worked hard this term to become confident with addition and subtraction. As a school we continue to use the ABACUS scheme and the children clamber to move onto the Think questions. We have also been supplementing these with examples and challenges from the White Rose Hub.

Some of the areas we have covered are:

  • Applying the inverse for subtraction and addition
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Time
  • Money
  • Fractions
  • Data Collection

Most of the children can now speedily recall their 2, 5 and 10 times tables and also read analogue time using halves and quarters.

This year we have also trialed a series of parent math’s workshops which have been supported enthusiastically. The focus has been addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and then the final week was fractions. Please find below the slides from these workshops. Thank you to all who attended, your support has been wonderful.


Our first RE topic was “The story of Joseph” where we learnt about this key biblical character and how he showed great forgiveness to his brothers. The children delved deeper into the feelings of jealousy and how we can forgive others and ourselves. Our second topic has focused on the celebration of Passover where the children have learnt about the history of the festival and how Jews celebrate Passover today.

Coming up in Summer Term...

In the summer term the children will be learning about Castles and Christopher Columbus. This is also our term for SATs. During our English work, we will be creating non-fiction reports both chronological and non-chronological. We will also be using the ‘Castle Diaries’ text to create our own diaries as though we are servants in a castle. This topic allows the children to use this historical enquiry skills acquired from the previous term to apply to learning about castles. During art, the children will be designing and creating their own shield giving reasons for each emblem. The topic will conclude with a visit to Bolsover Castle.

Within our Christopher Columbus topic we will be developing our geographical knowledge and learning about and comparing our own country with that of Australia. We are looking forward to learning about all the animals that live there, especially the spiders!