Year 3

3LM is taught by Mrs Langford and Mrs McCurdy. On a daily basis Mrs Lange supports across the year group. You will find our learning environment on the south side of the school, overlooking the extensive school fields, which provide a wonderful natural space for core stories and creative activities in the summer.

Mrs Langford – I have taught at Travis St Lawrence for the last 6 years but I have had 2 maternity leaves whilst spending time at home nurturing my 2 boys. I am really excited to move to Year 3 having taught Year 4 for the last two years. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays I will be teaching the class.  During my life outside of school, I enjoy travelling, reading, playing board games and spending time with my 2 children and husband.


Mrs McCurdy - After teaching at Travis St Lawrence Primary School for several years, I am looking forward to an exciting year with a new team. I currently work in Year 3 on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, spending the rest of my time looking after my son. Outside of school, I love travelling, being outdoors, music, Disney and all things Harry Potter!

Spring Term 

This term began with the exciting topic ‘Victorians’ where the children were able to delve into this period of time to find out how they have made changes to our lives and what they did for us, as well as becoming historical detectives to find out about their inventions.  In particular, we have focused on the life of the poor, from chimney sweepers to miners and factory workers, we have realized just how difficult the life was for the poor, uneducated and those living in workhouses. We have also found out about the historical figure ‘Florence Nightingale.’  Our studies of the British Empire and locomotives of the Victorian era have led us to appreciate the inventions of the Victorian times and the impact they have had on our lives.


Coming up...

In Spring 2, our topic focuses on the continent of Africa where we will explore the landscape, climate and people and discover similarities and differences to our lives.  The story of ‘The Kapok Tree’ will lead us to explore the rainforest and the characters thoughts and feelings within the text and to write non-chronological reports about the animals we meet. It will provide us with great opportunities to develop our writing styles to write different genres for different audiences and purposes. 

We have an exciting trip to Murton Park coming up in May.


Both topics this half term will use texts to support our literacy skills whilst developing our historical and geographical enquiry skills. In our topic ‘Secrets of the Sea’ we will be looking at coastal erosion and what causes it. We will support our learning by writing in many different styles to suit many different audiences and purposes. These will include:

  • Non-chronological reports
  • Persuasive brochures
  • Diary
  • Newspaper Reports


All children have worked hard this term to become confident with different strategies for addition and subtraction.   In Y3 we use the Abacus maths scheme where we meet different characters (Frog and Cheeky Chimp) who help us to be successful in using different methods to solve arithmetic sums and worded problems.  The children are enjoying choosing their own level of working in order to challenge their thinking!

Some of the areas of maths covered this term include:

  • Written methods of addition and subtraction
  • Place value
  • fractions
  • Shape, perimeter and angles
  • Written methods of multiplication and division,
  • Time
  • Problem solving


Our targets in maths are linked to arithmetic skills and developing accuracy.  Problem solving and reasoning and applying our learning in different situations.


This term our focus in RE has been learning about Christian, Jewish and Muslim symbols of religion and the belief that underlie them.


In Spring 2, our RE focus will be looking at the Easter story and considering it in terms of forgiveness and betrayal.  Particularly considering the betrayal of Judas and what it really means to forgive. We will consider how Christians do this in confession and absolution.

Useful Information


After consultation at the parents meeting in September this continues to be sent out on a Thursday and is due back on a Tuesday.  The children are expected to complete maths or English on a rotational basis as well as a learning log half termly.  Maths homework is to support current learning in maths and English supports grammar/writing based activities.  The children also receive new spelling on a Monday and are tested on a Friday.  They will bring home their spellings as a wordsearch activity with the rule to help you to support their learning.


Home Reading:

 Reading at home is really important so that children can continue to develop their fluency and vocabulary.  Children will be expected to read at least 3 times per week to an adult but there are incentives to read more!  Children are given a raffle ticket for every time they read to an adult at home; these are entered into our reading box each week and one is drawn at the end of the half term.  The prize for the winner is a book of their choice.  Reading diaries are checked on Mondays.  Children are encouraged to change their reading books independently and there is an opportunity, daily to do so.  We ask that children read a variety of books to develop a real love for reading.



PE days are Tuesday and Thursday,  but we ask that children bring their PE kit on a Monday and take it home on a Friday.


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