Year 3

A warm welcome to 3B.

3B is taught by Mrs. Brownhill and is supported by Mrs. Lange.

Year 3 builds on the skills and achievements of pupils from Key Stage One and continues to develop children as independent learners, providing opportunities for them to demonstrate their learning in creative ways. We will be looking at responsibilities towards ourselves and others in the community, staying fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, taking care of others, ensuring that our society respects and values everyone, regardless of their age.

Spring Term 

Again, this term has been a lot of fun for 3B.

We started the New Year by looking at prehistory, starting with dinosaurs and then moving on to exploring the Stone Age.  Just before half term we visited Doncaster Museum because they’d reported a time vortex, through which a dinosaur had travelled.  We were called upon to follow clues to find out what kind of dinosaur it is.  We found out that it was a Tyrannosaurus Rex, so we left the room pretty quickly! 

After half term we started reading the Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry.  This led to a lot of fun lessons about the rainforest.  The home learning that has been created has been fantastic!

In science we looked at rocks and soils.  We enjoyed investigating different rocks and finding out how fossils are formed.    We then started investigating plants.  We have learnt about how plants work and what they need.    We are carrying on with this topic after half term as there are lot of investigations that we can do!


Topics this term have been historical and geographical.  We looked at poetry and art.  These topics helped the children improve their use of written language as well as create reports on animals. 
So far we have looked at:

  • non-chronological reports
  • story endings
  • persuasive writing
  • instructions


We have really enjoyed the games and activities that are linked to the abacus program which is used to support Maths across the school.  We have been learning different methods to solve some quite tricky problems.


Several of the topics we’ve covered are

  • Place value
  • Measurement, including time
  • Multiplication using the grid method
  • Addition using the column method and subtraction using counting on
  • Problem solving


This term we have been looking at forgiveness as well as learning about some of Jesus’ miracles.  We really enjoyed reading stories about Jesus.  We then moved on to finding out how Jesus became a servant and how we, as Christians, can serve others.

Coming up in Summer Term...

This term we are looking at myths, monsters and mysteries.  We are going to investigate some local myths and legends as well as learning about the Romans and the monsters in their myths.  In the second half of the term we will become Roman Soldiers while we visit the Danelaw Centre for Living History at Merton Park Farm.