Year 6

A very warm welcome to year 6.  

Year 6 is home to both 6J and 6HM. Mrs Jenkinson teaches in 6J and both Mrs Hornshaw and Mrs Marklew teaches in 6HM. Both Miss Markham and Mrs Norton support across year 6 on a daily basis. 


Mrs Jenkinson - Having taught at Travis St Lawrence for several years now, I am excited to be working with a new team with fresh ideas and new approaches. After an exciting summer getting married and visiting Singapore and Bali, I am looking forward to future adventures around the world. 

Mrs Hornshaw - I am really excited to have joined the team at Travis St Lawrence and I'm looking forward to getting to know all of our children and families. Although I have been teaching for a number of years, I am still passionate about learning and enabling children to succeed. When not at school, I enjoy travelling, reading and walking my two dogs. 

Mrs Marklew - I've just returned to school after being on maternity leave enjoying spending time watching my son develop and grow. I am looking forward to being back in year 6 and working with Mrs Jenkinson and Mrs Hornshaw on Thursdays and Fridays. Outside of school I enjoy music, playing guitar and all things Disney! 

Spring Term 

Spring 1 has been a jam-packed half term! Our topic has been based around our text 'Holes' looking specifically at North and South America - location, climate and comparisons. We are really impressed with the quality of writing this half term - have you seen it on Twitter? In Science, we have been learning all about evolution and inheritance looking at Charles Darwin and his amazing discoveries. We have really enjoyed using the large apparatus in gymnastics thinking carefully about sequences involving balances and creative ways of travelling. It was really nice to see so many of you at our SATs meeting and e-safety workshops.  


What's coming up...

During the second half of Spring term, we will be reading a fantastic new text full of magic, mystery and time travelling - we don't want to give too much away to keep everyone hooked. Lots of our writing will be based around the text again thinking carefully about both language choices and sentence/text structure. In Science, our focus will be electricity learning about the different components of a circuit, how to change the brightness of a bulb and key scientists linked to electricity.  


Both topics this term are being based around texts - something in which we have found to be both stimulating and engaging for our children especially the boys. We enjoy writing in many different styles to suit different audiences and purposes. These will include:

  • short stories 
  • character/setting descriptions
  • non-chronological reports
  • formal/informal letters
  • newspaper reports 
  • persuasive brochures


In year 6, we love challenging our thinking and problem solving skills through the use of the White Rose Maths Hub materials. Some of the areas of maths covered this term include:

  • fractions, decimals and percentages 
  • measures
  • ratio

 Our targets in maths are linked to arithmetic skills and reasoning - applying our skills in a range of contexts. 


This term, our focus in RE will be creation stories. As part of this topic, we will be looking at creation stories from different faiths and their similarities and differences to the Christian creation story.  


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