Year 5

A warm welcome to Year 5.

Year 5 is made up of two classes taught by Miss Hawcroft and Mr Heyes. Both classes are also supported by Mrs Norton and Mrs Day.

Spring Term 

The Spring term was incredibly busy and hugely rewarding. With Indonesia as our topic, this provided some fantastic opportunities for developing our geographical skills through the use of map work and secondary resources. Children learned about the formation process of archipelagos, the tsunami that affected Indonesia, endangered species and environmental issues such as deforestation and poaching. The topic was brought to life through the core text, ‘Running Wild’ by Michael Morpurgo and the children visited the Lyceum Theatre in Sheffield to see the production: special effects through the use of huge puppets were fantastic.


 In Maths, children continued to further- develop their skills in the application of the four operations and we looked closely at the properties and angles of shapes and fractions in a range of contexts. The children really started to work systematically and at speed and their arithmetic scores improved on a weekly basis.


In RE, children looked closely at the Easter Story and the events surrounding Jesus ‘death and resurrection. The term was concluded in our local church as the year fives provided an excellent Easter Service to parents. It was a wonderful ending to a fantastic term.


Next term, we will be learning about the Vikings from Scandinavia and the amazing impact of their legacy. Our core text next term will be, ‘The Wolves of Willoughby Chase’ by Joan Aiken. Through this classic text, our aim is to really drive reading and get the children firing from all cylinders. We are confident that all children will be thoroughly engaged all produced more fantastic work.