Year 5

A warm welcome to Year 5.

Year 5 is made up of two classes taught by Miss Hawcroft and Mr Heyes. Both classes are also supported by Ms Abbott and Mrs Day.

Spring Term 

This term in Year 5, we are learning about World War Two, a topic that really does engage our children, parents and the wider community. We have already discussed the origins of War and the different leadership styles of the Axis and Allied forces. Closer to home, we have developed our knowledge of evacuation and the role of evacuee children and their host families. So far, much of our understanding of this crucial event has been wonderfully supported by our core text, ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll where we have written our own diary entries and letters. Up and coming learning events include The Battle of Britain, Spitfire Planes, The Blitz and a closer look at our own Anderson shelter in school.


We have strengthened our place value and decimal understanding. We have developed our mental calculations for all four operations and used properties of triangles to draw, measure, find missing angles and sort triangles in a variety of ways. We will continue to develop of knowledge of fractions, percentages and decimals, written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Furthermore, we will develop our measurement skills for weight, capacity and length.


In RE this term, we are learning about Judaism which provides exciting cross-curricular links into our WW2 topic. We have discussed the Jewish faith and the importance of the ten commandments; we have learned about The Torah and have enjoyed describing the key features of a synagogue. We will also be recognising the role of Bar Mitzvah as a coming-of-age celebration and learning about typical Jewish foods.


Throughout their WW2 topic learning, our children will have fantastic access to secondary resources and there will be many opportunities for them to showcase their own individual interests through personalised learning-log projects. Our classroom doors have recently been turned into space to celebrate our own war heroes.


In science, we are exploring forces. We have explained that unsupported objects fall towards Earth because of the force of gravity and the work of Sir Isaac Newton. We have learnt what air resistance is and felt air resistance for ourselves when running around the playground with large sheets of cardboard. We are now going to plan and carry out an investigation to explore the effect of air resistance on parachutes. Furthermore, we are going to explore friction, water resistance and explore how mechanisms such as levers, pulleys and gears work.

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