Cuckoo Lane, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN7 6QE
Tel: 01302 840200 (Lower) 01302 842164 (Upper)

Classes 1G and 1/2C


Welcome to Year 1 and our Year 1/2 mixed Class. Class teacher for 1G is Mrs Gill and Class teacher for 1/2C is Mrs Charlesworth. Our year group teaching assistant is Mrs O’Shea. We have two separate classrooms and a shared outdoor learning area where we enjoy working together.

The children begin the year with the topic Africa. They will develop geography skills including map work using globes and atlases. We learn about the continents and oceans of the world, identify human and physical features of Africa and the UK and complete a comparative study. As part of this topic the children will visit the Yorkshire Wildlife park to compare habitats and identify which animals live in hot and cold climates.

During the second half of the autumn term they reflect on the Christmas story and Year 1 children lead a Christingle Service for the lower school and share their understanding of the Christingle. We reflect on why Christmas is important to Christians.

In spring, the children learn about the significance of the Great Fire of London and visit the South Yorkshire emergency services museum. The children design and build a box model vehicle developing their skills in cutting, joining, and creating moving parts. In Science they learn about materials and there uses; studying and observing how changes are made to materials; designing and carrying out experiments.

The summer term provides the opportunity for the children to develop their understanding of recycling. Building on their knowledge of materials children find out about objects that can be recycled and changed into new products or reused in a different way. The children consider the effects that humans have on the planet and how we can make improvements to our environment and look after Gods world.

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