Cuckoo Lane, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN7 6QE
Tel: 01302 840200 (Lower) 01302 842164 (Upper)

Travis St Lawrence CE Primary School


Staffing from September 2020

Senior & Middle Leadership Team:

Carolyn Buckley                  Headteacher 

Alison Hornshaw                  Deputy Headteacher

Danielle Jenkinson              Assistant Headteacher (Maternity Leave - December 2020)

Laura Wilcock                      Acting Assistant Head (lower school)

Victoria Woodward              KS1 Phase Leader and Maths Lead  (Maternity Leave - Summer 2021)

Luke Heyes                           Acting Assistant Head (upper school)

Emma Gill                              SENDCo 

Lower Site - 

Sheila Manning - Nursery (F1) Teacher

Emma Oxby - F2 Teacher

Lucy Oliver - F2 Teacher

Emma Gill - Y1 Teacher

Laura Wilcock - Y1 Teacher

Catherine Charlesworth - Y2 Teacher

Kasey Farmer - Y2 Teacher

Support Staff:

Jackie O'Shea

Jo Gilberthorpe 

Tracey Chevens

Debbie Baker 

Leanne Sharpe

Karen Williamson 

Midday Supervisors:

Gina Wilson (Senior) 

Kate Molle

Jackie O'Shea

Emma Garrett

Jayne Housley

(Cook-in-charge - Both sites)


Upper Site - 

Amy Coates - Y3 Teacher

Rebecca Tembey - Y4 Teacher

Rachel Marklew - Y3/4 Teacher (Mon/Tues)

Sara McCurdy - Y3/4 Teacher (Wed/Thur/Fri)

Sarah Hawcroft - Y5 Teacher

Luke Heyes - Y5 Teacher

Victoria Corden - Y6 Teacher

Jenny Teasdale - Y6 Teacher

Claire Langford - Cover

Support Staff:

Tracy Abbott

Zoe Markham

Nicola Marley

Mary Turner

Midday Supervisors:

Tracy Abbott (Senior)

Samantha Dawson 

Shirley Calow 

Jo Gilberthorpe

 Pastoral Team

Tracy Abbott

Thrive Practitioner / Forest School Leader

Mary Turner

Thrive Practitioner / Forest School Leader

Office Staff - 

Karen Blair (Business Manager)

June Berriman 

Jo Hardacre


Site Managers:

Dave Wood - Lower Site 

Chris Dykes - Upper Site 



 Here at Travis St Lawrence, we have prepared a video from each of our class teachers. We hope you enjoy finding out about us!



Mrs Buckley Head Teacher

Miss Wilcock Y1W

Mrs Manning Nursery

Mrs Oxby F2EO

Miss Oliver F2LO

Mrs Gill Y1G

Mrs Farmer Y2F

Mrs Charlesworth Y2C

Mrs Hornshaw Deputy Head Teacher

Mr Heyes Y5LH

Mrs Coates Y3C

Miss Tembey Y4T

Mrs Marklew Y3/4M

Mrs McCurdy Y3/4M

Miss Hawcroft Y5H

Mrs Lambert Y6L

Miss Teasdale 6T