Our School

“The Will of Henry Travis, dated 29th May 1706, stated that all his lands in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire should support a Charity to certain poor children of Hatfield, Thorne and Wroot. The Travis Charity was established in 1710 in order to implement the terms of this will.”1

The Travis Charity is still in existence today and is known as the Travis Trust. The Trust built three schools, one in each of the three villages mentioned in the will.

Over the years. the Travis school in Hatfield has occupied three different sites within the village. The first site was on the land which is now occupied by the Ingram Arms Public House. The second site was on Cuckoo Lane and is now occupied by Hatfield Town Council. The third site was built opposite the town council building in 1963. In September 2011, the school amalgamated with the junior school situated higher up Cuckoo Lane to become Travis St Lawrence CE Primary School. It continues to operate on two sites.

Both school buildings are set in attractive grounds with mature trees, cultivated gardens, wild areas and sports pitches. The school is a RHS level 5 gardening school and regularly wins both Doncaster in Bloom and the wider Yorkshire in Bloom competitions.

Part of the Sheffield Diocese family of schools, it is recognised for its delivery of religious education and the spiritual development of all its children. Collective worship is a central part of each day and the school harnesses modern technology, drama, puppets and activities such as Godly Play to engage children in the worship experience.

Our curriculum is both innovative and exciting and harnesses the many wonderful educational opportunities we have in the local area including the Church, the Marina, and the village itself.

The school boasts its own secret garden, pond areas and even has a replica WWII bomb shelter!

1 Extract from the dedication plague in the Lower School entrance.


Here are some of the comments children have made about their school:

“Everyone in the school is well behaved; the learning is fun and enjoyable.”   Jayden

                                                                  “We follow the golden rules as if they were real gold.” Imogen

“If you feel down, there is always someone to go to.” Archie

                                “English is fun because we write stories. Anything can happen in a story!” Lewie

        “Maths is really good because it’s fun to add.” Owen

                                      “I like building in the blocks and going in the nursery workshop area.”  Ewan

“The learning is well organised, at the right level for everyone and useful for the future.” Y5 Class

                                                “Our school is a happy community.” Jo