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Travis St Lawrence CE Primary School

Year 5

A warm welcome to Year 5.


Year 5 is made up of two classes taught by Mr Heyes and Miss Hawcroft.

Mrs Marley will be working across both classes.

Mr Heyes: Most of my teaching experience has been in Upper Key Stage Two and this is where I feel at home. I am passionate about creativity and really tapping into children's personal interests. For me, having the opportunity to challenge children and allowing them to achieve more than they could ever imagine is a dream come true. My particular interests include reading, writing, languages and the arts and I also adore sports. I am spontaneous, full of energy and love to laugh. I have been here for a number of years now and am very excited as to where our newly-developed curriculum is taking us.


Miss Hawcroft: I have been teaching for over 10 years and have taught in KS1 and KS2. I am a dedicated and passionate teacher who enjoys being creative to encourage and develop children's learning inside and outside of the classroom.  I love teaching art, science and mathematics and enjoy finding creative ways to make learning fun and hands on. 


Please try to read with your child at least three times a week and record it in their reading record book. This can be the school banded book or one of the Year 5 recommended reads. It is important to check that, as well as becoming more fluent, the children understand what they are reading, especially as they begin to read longer and more complex books. This can be done by discussing the book afterwards, or during reading. Talk about the characters, setting or main events. Encourage children to develop empathy by focusing on characters' emotions and motivations and summarising the pages they have just read.

It is important that your child has their reading record in school every day so that adults within school can also record in them. On Mondays, We will collect and record the number of times children have read at home each week. 

We encourage a love for reading and aim for our children to be lifelong readers. The children are encouraged to read and enjoy the books in our book area within the school day. Children are welcome to bring their own reading book from home as long as it is of an appropriate level for them to read and enjoy independently. Children will be able to independently change their reading books to take home each morning during our Early Bird sessions. 


 Home Learning Logs

Please hand in home learning logs on or before a Wednesday where they will be marked, discussed with the child and given back home the following Friday. At the beginning of each topic, you will be given a knowledge organiser which will have key facts and vocabulary to help with the any home learning activities and learning within school. You will also be given a home learning menu of activities to complete at home. These are created by the Year 5 team to cover different areas of the curriculum in a fun and engaging way.




Spelling lessons in school will focus on the spelling rules/patterns investigated and learning common exception words. We are now following the exciting and engaging Read Write Inc. spelling programme daily.

Spring Term

  • The ee sound spelt ei
  • Words ending in -ant, -ance and ancy
  • Orange words (common exception words)
  • 'shus' sound spelt 'cious' 
  • 'shus' spelt 'tious'
  • 'shul' sound spelt 'cial' and 'tial'
  • Dictation activities to reinforce key words, dots and dashes to consolidate knowledge of consonants, special friends, split diagraphs and silent letters


  Spellings are best worked on little and often: 5 or 10 minutes every day is more beneficial than one long session. It is also very helpful if you can encourage your child to apply the spellings in context by writing a few sentences using these words and, of course, using new or unfamiliar words in conversation.


Please make sure that children come to school wearing their PE kits on a Tuesday and Friday. 

Outdoor PE will be on a Tuesday afternoon

Indoor PE will be on a Friday afternoon 

Swimming lessons will take place weekly, in the Late Spring/ Summer Term (TBC).



In addition to our daily Maths Mastery lessons, we will have a daily Maths Meeting which is a fifteen minute meeting focusing on consolidating key learning and short arithmetic lessons throughout the week.

 The children are encouraged to share their maths learning at home through the Maths with Parents website. This site is updated every two weeks and links to teaching covered in class. These fun activities can be shared with class teachers through comments or photos uploaded to the site.

 Times Tables Rock Stars is a fun away for children consolidate their times tables. Please encourage your child to log in little and often which will help children become fluent. Children are expected to know and recall all their times tables facts up to 12 x 12. 

 Spring 1

  • Area and Perimeter 
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Representing fractions 
  • Tenths and hundredths 
  • Equivalent fractions 
  • Comparing Fractions
  • Ordering Fractions 
  • Converting fractions to decimals  



Writing and Grammar



During the Autumn Term, we will be exploring, reflecting and making connections using our focus questions below:



What does it mean if God is loving and Holy?

Pupils will know that:
• Christians believe God is omnipotent, omniscient and eternal, and that this means God is worth worshipping.
• Christians believe God is both holy and loving, and Christians have to balance ideas of God being angered by sin and
injustice (see Fall) but also loving, forgiving, and full of grace. 

• Christians do not all agree about what God is like, but try to follow his path, as they see it in the Bible
or through Church teaching.
• Christians believe getting to know God is like getting to know a person rather than learning information.



Creation /Fall

Creation and science: conflicting or complementary?


Pupils will know that:
• There is much debate and some controversy around the relationship between the accounts of creation in Genesis and contemporary scientific accounts.
• These debates and controversies relate to the purpose and interpretation of the texts. For example, does reading Genesis as a poetic account conflict with scientific accounts?
• There are many scientists throughout history and now who are Christians.
• The discoveries of science make Christians wonder even more about the power and majesty of the Creator.


Was Jesus the Messiah?


Pupils will know that:
• Jesus was Jewish.
• Christians believe Jesus is God in the flesh.
• They believe that his birth, life, death and resurrection were part of a longer plan by God to restore
the relationship between humans and God.
• The Old Testament talks about a ‘rescuer’ or ‘anointed one’ — a messiah. Some texts talk about what this ‘messiah’ would be like.
• Christians believe that Jesus fulfilled these expectations, and that he is the Messiah. (Jewish people do not think Jesus is the Messiah.)
• Christians see Jesus as their Saviour.